Famous Sigma Nu Alumni

Sigma Nu's Vision is Excelling with Honor, which is carried not only through our member's college careers, but their entire lives. Many of our alumni have gone on to excel with honor in their occupations and made an impact on their industry. Below are a few examples of these alumni from around the country. For a more detailed listing, please click here.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Eli Manning
Eli Manning
NFL Quarterback
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab
CEO - Charles Schwab Corporation

Distinguished Alumni of Epsilon Delta, Sigma Nu: 1920-2013

Over nearly a century, the men of Epsilon Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity have distinguished themselves in virtually all fields of endeavor. Taken as a percentage of the alumni recognized by the University itself or by its various schools and colleges for success in their chosen fields, for distinguished service to the University, the state, and the nation, alumni of Epsilon Delta make up nearly 20% of the total number of males so honored. And nearly 10% of Epsilon Delta’s alumni have been recognized by college, university, professional, business, philanthropic, and civic organizations for their outstanding contributions

Two men stand out among the most prominent Epsilon Delta alums: Epsilon Delta’s founder, Ralph E. “Mac” McWhinnie, at the time of his retirement from the University of Wyoming, the longest-serving registrar in any public research university in the United States, is a member of the Fraternity’s Hall of Honor; Brother Clifford P. Hansen, served the State of Wyoming as both governor and U.S. Senator and is honored as a member of the Fraternity’s Hall of Fame.

Other truly outstanding representative alumni include:

  • Dr. David Clarke who was honored as a distinguished alum of the University of Wyoming for his pioneering work in the development of open-heart surgery;
  • Dr. David Egloff, a member of the UW College of Engineering’s Hall of Fame, who was one of the initial developers of cochlear implant technology;
  • H. David Reed, also a member of the College of Engineering’s Hall of Fame, recognized for his work as a mission control officer for several NASA Apollo missions and a recipient of the Presidential Award of Freedom;
  • Prof. Paul A. Rechard, named both to the Engineering Hall of Fame and as a UW Distinguished Alum, one of the founders of the modern science of hydrology and a leader in both the academic and business communities;
  • Conrad O. Schwiering, UW Distinguished Alum, and a founding member of the Cowboy Artists of America and recipient of the Gold Medal of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame for his world-renowned oil paintings of Wyoming’s iconic  mountain range, the Tetons;
  • Attorney Jerry W. Housel, UW Distinguished Alum and former president of the American Bar Association;
  • L. Duane Woodard, both a Distinguished Alum of the College of Arts & Sciences and of the University, a two-term Attorney General of the State of Colorado;
  • Patrick J. Quealy, UW Distinguished Alum and one of the founders of Wyoming’s dominant energy industry, for many years on the Board of Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad and a major donor to philanthropic causes;
  • John H. Vandel, UW Distinguished Alum, Emeritus Dean of UW’s School of Pharmacy, and a past honorary president of the American Pharmacists Association;
  • Ronald B. Salvagio, UW Distinguished Alum and prominent businessman (Baldwin Technologies) and philanthropist;
  • The Hon. Wade Broby, College of Law Distinguished Service Award and judge on the Federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Hon. William U. Hill, Distinguished Alum of the College of Arts & Science and Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the State of Wyoming.
  • Thomas E. Osborne, UW Distinguished Alum and member of the Engineering Hall of Fame, is credited with developing the first PC, “the mean green machine” that is currently displayed in the Smithsonian.
  • Clayton Hartman, a Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Business, serves as the current chairman of the UW Foundation Board of Directors.

In addition to these prominent individuals are hundreds of Epsilon Delta alums who have distinguished themselves in the professional, business, academic, and philanthropic communities. Among these are:

  • Law: Rodney Guthrie, John Raper, and Archibald McClintock (all UW Distinguished Alums), and Richard V. Thomas all had brilliant legal careers, each culminating in service as Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court; trial lawyers like John Hursh and James Fitzgerald have been recognized by their peers for their success. Winston Howard was a founder of the firm of Sherman & Howard with offices in 5 western cities. David J. Gribben was a prominent lawyer in Washington, D.C. and served several administrations as an Undersecretary of State.
  • Banking and Business: Robert W. McBride (UW Distinguished Alum), E.J. “Woody” Haines, Thomas McKenna, Thomas Thorson, Robert Sam Allen, David Foreman, James L. Burdick, C.L. Burton, John A. Guthrie, and Hank True have all been awarded recognition for their accomplishments.
  • Engineering and Science: Jerry Calkins, Thomas Osborne (UW Distinguished Alum), Loy Harris, Harry Sager, J. Kenneth Kennedy, William Stoval, and Floyd Bishop are all members of the Engineering Hall of Fame. Osborne, Harris, Sager, Bishop, and Kennedy are also UW Distinguished Alums.
  • Military: Col. George T. Fowler and Col. Raymond W. Allen, Jr. retired with many awards for valor and other honors for their long military service.
  • Philanthropy: Joseph Watt, H.A. “Dave” True, Patrick Quealy, Jr., Alfred Pence, and Edward Clay have been named as Medallion Service Award recipients by the University.
  • Academics: in addition to Dr. Egloff, Prof. Rechard, and Dean Vandel listed above, Elliot Hays, longtime vice-president for finance and administration at the University (UW Distinguished Alum); Dr. Walter G. “Jerry” Saunders, M.D. (UW Distinguished Alum), Dr. John L. Allen, Ph.D., and Dr. William Ackerman, Ph.D. have been accorded honors for their contributions to scholarship, professional societies, and service to the University of Wyoming and other institutions. More than a dozen alumni of Epsilon Delta have also served on the Board of Trustees of the University of Wyoming, including: Walter G. “Jerry” Saunders, Dave True, Gordon Broderick, Cliff Hansen, and Patrick Quealy.  

The nearly 2000 alumni of Epsilon Delta are justly proud of the record of accomplishment compiled by their brothers in Sigma Nu.