To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Truth…
– Excerpt from the Mission of Sigma Nu

LEAD Program Logo: Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, DevelopmentSimply put, Sigma Nu builds better leaders.

In this colonization project, every man who joins will have the immediate opportunity to run for one of 18 leadership positions. Through formal training, resources, coaching, experience and practice, these officers will develop their leadership skills as they learn how to manage and lead an organization. Officer elections will be held annually thereafter.

The LEAD Program is Sigma Nu’s highly acclaimed five-phased ethical leadership development program. The men who join Sigma Nu will start LEAD during colony training, then build their own customized LEAD plan as the colony develops into the premier leadership organization on campus.

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In addition to the formal leadership positions, programs and training that Sigma Nu offers, some of the best opportunities lie in the informal and intangible leadership experiences that happen – building an organization from the ground up, learning how to manage and deal with people, balancing business and brotherhood – these invaluable experiences build character, maturity, and especially leadership.