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May 8, 2013

posted Mar 5, 2014, 8:29 PM by David Crane

May 8, 2013

Dear Epsilon Delta Brother:

It is with great pleasure we write to inform you of the recolonization of Epsilon Delta! With the support of our alumni, the General Fraternity and the University’s administration, Sigma Nu is returning to the University of Wyoming!

Recolonization will not come without cost and effort. We ask of you, first, your effort: help us to identify high-quality men from your communities. We will contact them, so please provide their names, phone or email address and send them to Josh Green at, or by phone at 540-460-1515. You can also submit information through the colony’s website: Without your help in recruiting we are less likely to be successful.

As you are no doubt aware, Epsilon Delta became a dormant chapter in 2010. To clarify and correct rumors that you may have heard, the charter of the chapter was not “lifted” or “revoked” by the General Fraternity. Rather, the decision to become a dormant chapter was made locally by Dave Foreman, Chapter Advisor, and John McBride, House Corporation President. The decision was made following three years of declining membership and deteriorating academic performance by the few remaining active chapter members.  This decision by Brothers Foreman and McBride was made with the intent of recolonizing the chapter when the time was right. That time is now.

During the years following this decision, significant changes have taken place in the chapter house. Extensive refurbishing and remodeling have been completed and the chapter house is now in near-excellent condition, with living quarters at least equal to, if not better than, living quarters offered by the University in dormitories. The cost of maintenance and remodeling totaled approximately $80,000, financed by loans from the Wyoming Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, the Epsilon Delta Chapter Alumni Fund, and Brother Dave Foreman.

In the fall of 2012 an Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) was formed to investigate the possibility of recolonizing our chapter. Chaired by John Hursh (#905), the Alumni Advisory Board includes John L. Allen (#860), Dave Foreman (#1233), E.J. “Woody” Haines (#679), Aaron Kruger (#1805), John McBride (#1136), Nicholas Popplewell (Delta Omicron [Idaho] #1572), Paul    Rechard (#471), John Stark (#1438), John Vandel (#705), and Tom Walters (#1721). The AAB has concluded several months of discussions with Brad Beacham, Executive Director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and Josh Green, Director of Expansion for Sigma Nu Fraternity, and a decision was made that our Epsilon Delta Chapter was a strong candidate for recolonization. Subsequent conversations with University of Wyoming officials confirmed that decision and plans were set in motion.

During the visit of the General Fraternity’s staff in early April, meetings were held with University officials, strategy and training sessions held for members of the AAB, and interviews of prospective members were begun. The General Fraternity staff will return to the UW campus on a full-time basis for the entire fall 2013 semester. They will live in the chapter house, engaged in a six-week effort to recruit quality members for the colony, and carefully guide and supervise the initial operations during a 10-week training program — all in conjunction with the AAB.

The General Fraternity and the AAB have agreed upon a set of qualifications for membership in our new Epsilon Delta colony, which include a high grade point average, commitment to the ideals of Sigma Nu, the determination and finances to complete their degree, and involvement in other extracurricular activities.

All of us on the AAB join in asking for your help in our efforts. Please let us know what you think, tell us how you might be able to become a part of the process, send us names of the best and brightest from your communities. And, later, please consider our requests for financial commitments. No matter how hard the AAB works, or how diligent the General Fraternity is in its commitment to reviving one of its historically important chapters, the ultimate success of the recolonization effort is going to be up to the nearly 1200 living alumni of Epsilon Delta. Many of us would not be where we are without having had the fortune to be Brothers in Epsilon Delta. Now is the time to pay it forward—not to the Epsilon Delta of the past, but to the future Brothers who will carry on our tradition.


John Hursh, Chairman, Alumni Advisory Board

John Allen, Chairman, Capital Campaign

Josh Green, Director of Expansion and Recruitment

John McBride, House Corporation President

Dave Foreman, Chapter Advisor Emeritus