Prospective Members

Are you interested in building genuine, lifelong friendships?


Do you want to become a better, stronger, more capable leader?


Do you want to prepare yourself to be a successful man?


Would you like to challenge yourself?


Do you want to leave a legacy at the University of Wyoming?


Do you want to become the best version of yourself?


Would you like to build something that will last a lifetime?


Do you want to build a network that can open the doors to your future?


Do you want to hold yourself and your closest peers to a higher set of values?


Do you want to get the most out of your college experience?

The men who join Sigma Nu will have the opportunity to do these things and much more. This may not be for you; on the other hand it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Fill out a Prospective Member Questionnaire.You’ll be contacted by one of our professional expansion staff team members and you can find out for yourself.


To get a great perspective on the ideals Sigma Nu was built upon, read The Way of Honor: Part I.